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How to select the best Premier League Fantasy line up every weekend.

How Fantasy premier league works.

The fantasy leauge has been on since the year 1990, however it came to the premier league in year 2003/2004 but became popular in the year 2004/2005

In the year 2013 it became a standard world wide competition, attracting players from all corners of the globe.

To create a team, you first of all have to register on the Premier league fantasywebsite.

After registering, you choose your preffered team( football clubs you support).

You'll automatically be put on the gloable league where all players are ranked, rankings are done, weekly, monthly and generally and there are always rewards for the best players.

Selecting a squad line-up.

Each fantasy player is given a total sum of £100.00 to buy players, each team must have 15 players, 11 outfield players and 4 substitutes.

EVery match week a player is entitled to one free transfter, additional transfers would cost 4 points deduction for each additional transfer.

Maximum number of thre (3) players can be included from a particular team, so each players has to properly schuffle how to select a line-up


There are basically three boosters in the Game.

Bench boost

Tripple captain.


Bench boost: Scoring players on the bench

When a bench boost is used, players on the bench will be scored for that particular weekend.

Take note, this booster can only be used once a season, so pick wisely when to use it, for once it's used, it can't be cancelled.

Players who make use of this booster almost always end up winning the weekly price for top points

Once again, use wisely.

Tripple Captain - Tripple the point of your matchweek captain.

This booster can only be used once a season, when activated the player selected as captain will get his score for that weekend trippled.

Originally players selected as captains gets their match week points doubled.

The tripple captain is tricky, it's better you use it on a player who is most likely to score more than 2 goals for a particular match week.

Wildcard - Unlimited transfers.

This is the only booster a player can use more than once a season, though it can only be used twice.

Wilcard gives a player power to make unlimited transfers a season without getting any point deduction.

wilcars can only be used on seperate half of the season, the first card can be used in the first half and the other to be used on the other half of the season, if a player should fail to use a wild card on the first half of the season the player will only be able to use one wildcard on the other half of the season, you cannot rollover wildcards.

Scoring Sysytem.

Only outfield players are scored each week, goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards each have their own scoring system.

A match line-up player that starts a gamae from kick-off automatically gets two (2) points, while a player brought in from the bench gets automatic one (1) point, if an outfield player doesn't feature in a game, he gets zero (0) points

Every position has it's own scoring system, the main guru's of the team are the defenders, they are the ones that can feed on all front, for instance a defender gets points for cleansheet, assist and goals, but strikers only gets points for goals, so if your striker scores and gets 7 points, if his goal was assisted by a defender who ends up getting a clean sheet, the defender gets more points, let's show you how.

Goalkeeper scores.

Appearance - 2 points

Clean sheet - 5 points

Penalty saved - 5 points

MOM - 2 points

Substitution - 1 points

Each week your goalkeeper can get you atleast two (2) points as long as he starts the match, if the goal keeper keeps a clean sheet at full time, he gets additional five(5) points, saves a penalty additional five(5) points, gets MOM award additional two(2) points, so at the end of the day a goal keeper can give you up to 14 points, if you're lucky and you made your goal keeper your captain, the score would double.

When selecting goalkeppers it's best to select a goalkeeper that is most likely to get the highest cleansheets a season these could include : Alisson Becker (Liverpool)
Ederson (Manchester city)
David de gea (Manchester United)
either of these three players is likely end up with most cleansheets in a season so backing either of them will give you good points at the end of the season.


Appearance - 2 points

Clean sheet - 5 points

Assist - 2 points

Goal - 5 points

MOM - 2 points

Substitution - 1 points

Picking defenders is tricky, full backs mostly have assists but center-back score goals from set pieces, then above all you got to consider the first selling point of defenders, cleans sheets, it's best to use defenders who's team would most likely get most clean-sheets in a season, defenders who can score goals, defenders that gets assist.

The best team to pick defenders from is liverpool, with both full backs guaranteeing atleast combined ten (10) goals/assist each season, and their center back guaranteed atleast five(5) goals, but careful, you can only select three players from a team, and liverpool has lots of fowards you might need.

Best defenders to select include Robertson (liverpool)
Van Dijk (liverpool)
Alexander-anold (liverpool)
Laporte(Manchester city)
Walker (Manchester city)
Luke shaw(Manchester United )
Ake (Bournemoth)
David luiz (Chelsea)
Alonso (Chelsea)

These players are most likely to give you more goals/assist in a season, but when picking you have to consider the most likely outcome CLEAN SHEET.


Appearance - 2 points

Assist - 2 points

Goal - 5 points

MOM - points

The best midfielders are those that can score, some players who play attack are also categorized as midfielders, only registered stikers are tagged as strikers, it's best to make your team consist of midfielders that can get up to combined 15+ goals and assist a season, though you have to consider your budget, players that can get you these includes Bernando silva (Manchester city)
Raheem sterling (Manchester city)
Christain erikson(Totternham)
Son (Tottenham)
Paul pogba (Manchester united)
Richarlison (Everton)

Getting atleast one of two of these guys in your team will give you good points at the end of the season

Forwards (strikers)

Appearance - 2 points

Assist - 2 points

Goal - 5 points

MOM - 2 points

This is the selling point in the game, goals!!! just get a good striker that can bring you up to 20+ goals a season, and you're on a good path, getting top strikers is difficult becuase of the price tag.

Top strikers in the league are the mainly from the top six (6) teams but you can't get more than one top striker if you really want to balance your team becuase they're quite expensive, top strikers includes, Sergio Aguero (Manchester city)
Harry Kane (Tottenham)
Mohammed Salah (Liverpool)
Saido Mane (Liverpool)
King (Bournemoth)

These are top strikers in the league, though they come at high prices.

Points deduction / accumulation.

A player receives a one (1) point deduction if he gets a yellow card and two (2) points deduction when he gets sent off

Penalty gives additional three points instead of five (5), winning a penalty gives additional one (1)

Scoring and own goal gives a two (2) points deduction.


Using a single team through-out is not advisable as sometimes, players drop form or pick up injuries or gets suspension, so there might be need to make some transfers weekly, but remember more than one (1) transfer attracts 4 points deduction so make sure it's worth it.

When selecting your team, find a good balance, a good goal keeper with a strong defence and attack is most likely to give you good points, as midfielders don't always score goals.

To guide you further we'll be doing a weekly review of the best possible line-up to include in your fantasy team, to join us simply subscribe to our youtube channel BETTING PLAYMAKER

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