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Soccer Prediction Today 26-Feb-2020

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Football Predictions - The Best Strategies & Betting Tips

We have the best soccer predictions for you.

football predictions

For the successful betting of sports bets, it is essential to create football predictions. Without statistics, analyses and background knowledge, it is difficult to predict correct betting results. Because with luck alone no bets can be won. Football fans should therefore know which soccer predictions are useful to them in order to make a perfect bet.

 In this guide we therefore deal in detail with football betting tips. We explain how football predictions are made today and why they are so important in sports betting. Without football expertise, the prospects for long-term wins are rather bleak. Just knowing that teams with a low market value have a hard time winning and expensive teams often go out of the game as winners - and often lead the table - is worth gold. In addition, statistics play an important role in soccer betting forecasts. Long-term statistics, such as the number of goal chances, are particularly important for making the best football predictions. Likewise, probability is a factor that must be taken into account. For example: What is the most common score in a particular league? Below are some useful football tips from professionals to help you make betting predictions.

Why are football predictions so important?

Football predictions are important for placing successful betting tips. Because unlike gambling, the likelihood of winning sports bets does not depend on chance alone. Athletes are only people who can have a bad day, but in general the performance of a team can be estimated relatively well compared to another team. But this requires expertise and the right tactics. Then football betting forecasts can be made which lead to a successful betting outcome. In other words, if you bet on the victory of your favorite club, but don't know how good the opposing team is, which players of your club are injured or whether the team is currently in a negative run, you will only make a profit by chance. For bettors who bet for fun from time to time, that may be enough. But if you bet football in order to make a profit, you can't avoid football forecasts tomorrow.

What should football forecasts include?

In this sports betting guide about soccer predictions, we want to explain to you which facts are important for successful betting tips. Although the outcome of a typical football match is partly a matter of chance, a glance at the performance of both teams gives an idea of the result. In Football prediction, the strength of the team can be accessed on the basis of statistics and analyses. For example, how many goal chances a team had in previous matches? If a negative run is recognizable, i.e. if the team has a losing streak, it takes an average of seven matches for it to regain its shape.

Those who like to bet on scored goals should know that the best chances are 1:1. The draw in this form has happened over 1900 times in the Bundesliga so far. The classic 2:1 or 1:2 is the second most common. In total, this result was achieved 1422 times. Furthermore, 25 percent of all football matches worldwide end with a draw (the number of goals can be neglected). In addition, information about player transfers, shape curves or injuries plays a major role in football betting forecasts. These data make it much easier to forecast results. 

Even without looking at the odds, it is possible to find out who is the favorite in the game. This sports betting strategy for best soccer prediction applies to Bet9ja, German bookmakers, Austrian betting providers and Swiss sports betting portals. Of course, it is not the goal to pump you with as much information as possible. Because the biggest mistake with sure predictions is to interpret something into statistics. Even risky bets on outsiders should be avoided. This is rather counterproductive with soccer prediction in Bundesliga tips or any other league. Just like placing on a 4:0 or 2:3. So many goals rarely fall in a current season.

Analysis of players during football Predictions

It doesn't take experts to make predictions. Any tipster with some brains can create free football predictions on his own. However, it is then important to carry out an analysis of the teams or individual players in addition to the general betting forecast. Why the player? Now, in order to be able to give an assessment of the team, the individual fitness of the individual football players must be known. Information about who is injured, stricken or even banned can be of great advantage for football forecasts. How fit is the striker or goalkeeper? Which player has completed the training well or improved? Who in the team is more likely to stagnate? The line-up of the team is also decisive for the prediction. Because the players don't always harmonize with each other. There can also be inconsistencies or discrepancies. It's a complex process to evaluate, but it's worth it. But this is the only way to achieve the best soccer predictions.

How successful are best football Predictions?

Best football forecasts are usually profitable. Especially betting professionals who have been placing tips on football matches for years are successful with their respective forecasts. Of course, beginners should not expect too much. After all, creating a good soccer prediction requires practice, experience and specialist knowledge. Success only comes with time. However, the predictions can easily be improved with a few tricks. For example, by visiting our betting school or exchanging information with sports betting experts in forums on the Internet. You should also check out our blog section, where we keep you up to date on the latest changes to football banker bets. Of course, we also have long-standing betting experts who can give you tips on which clubs to bet on. They have been dealing with the subject for many years. Of course there is no 100% guarantee on winnings. But they increase the chance that your football predictions are correct.

Football Tips: Soccer predictions are most popular

soccer prediction tips

Football tips from professionals are enjoying great popularity. In Nigeria alone, millions of Naira are spent by bookmakers every match day. There is no other sport where such large sums are involved. The king of soccer rules the world and that will probably not change much in the foreseeable future. With so many games and betting markets, it's easy to lose track of things. With the information from our experts, you will always be up to date and can find out which football tips are really worthwhile.

What is a sports betting tip?

Sports betting tip is a forecast that our experts make about a sports event. The betting experts dealt intensively with the bet. When it comes to football, for example, the data from the last few matches, the position in the table, the injury lists or the direct comparison are used to draw a conclusion. You will not only receive a sports betting tip from us, but you will also find out where you get the best odds for it. If a bookmaker raises odds or takes another action to a game, we will of course also take this into account. Even though football is definitely the focus here, it's not all about round leather. You will also find sports betting tips for tennis, martial arts, handball, the NFL or basketball. Here is definitely the right sport betting tip for everyone.

How safe are the betting tips from the experts?

A bet is of course never 100 percent safe, otherwise we would all be rich. But you can influence the probability that a bet will work out. To do this, you have to deal intensively with the bet and make a well-founded statement on the basis of the data collected. Ultimately, however, nobody can know how a football match will end. Even if everything speaks for a victory of team A, team B can succeed in the sensation and assert itself with 3:0. In a boxing match, for example, it can happen that the favorite doesn't watch out for a second and the underdog knocks him out with a lucky punch. But that's exactly what makes it so exciting. But our betting tips show a tendency that is usually correct. But you don't always have to play the bet we recommend. For example, you can take extra precautions. If we recommend a bet on over 3.5 goals and you are not so sure, you can play a bet on over 2.5 goals and increase your chances of winning. As a rule of thumb, the higher the risk, the higher the odds. You should therefore avoid building castles in the air and assess the risk exactly. A bet with a 100.00 odds that doesn't add up is worth less than a successful bet with a 1.10 odds.

How do football predictions work?

Of course, the correct prediction of a football match is anything but simple, otherwise anyone would make a fortune for the bookmakers. If you want to be successful with your bets, you have to consider numerous factors. But betting can significantly improve your chances of winning by using statistics, expertise and experience. There is no profit guarantee, but the chances of winning are much better. But if you don't want to fight your way through the football statistics jungle yourself, you can simply fall back on the know-how and expertise of our authors. 

They not only have a great deal of experience, but also access to many databases and information sources from the football world. This makes our authors' forecasts much more reliable. However, a weather should not only rely on our recommendations, but also always keep an eye on its favorite sport. He can then classify and assess the data and recommendations much better.

Soccer predictions: What can I bet on?

Of course the offers of the betting providers differ a little. After all, every bookie wants to draw attention to himself with his portfolio and show that he provides the best offer. This is good news for the tipsters, because they can always discover completely new betting markets with the bookmakers. Depending on the type of sport, bets can be placed on several hundred markets in just one game. Of course, we want to simplify the overview of the entire selection a little and have therefore listed the best-known betting markets in the following:

  • Winner of the game: When betting on the winner of the game, there are often differences between the different sports. In football, for example, there are three options (home win, draw, away win). In tennis, there is no tie.
  • Over/under bets: The over/under bets belong beside the victory bets to the most popular bet tips of the sports betting customers. In a football match you can bet on the number of goals, yellow cards, red cards or corner balls. In basketball, you can bet on the number of points or three-point throws in a game.
  • Handicap bets: If the odds are not sufficient for a bet on the winner, a handicap bet is used. This involves setting an imaginary lead for one team, allowing the odds to be increased to the other team.
  • Double chances: The double chances are especially popular in football, where two of the three possible events are covered by a bet. Bets can be placed on double chances, for example as a bet on the home win and the draw or the away win and the home win.
  • Result bets: Result bets are particularly tempting because they promise enormously high odds. At the same time, result bets also entail a certain risk. After all, the exact final result of a match must be predicted.

Apart from the markets mentioned, the bookmakers also provide numerous other options. Bets can, for example, also be placed on half-time scores, goal scorers, penalties or time penalties and similar markets. If the play runs, besides still completely own live markets find their way into the Portfolio.

What factors are important in football prediction?

For a successful football bet you have to consider many factors. In the first step, the weather should get an overview of which data, facts and statistics are relevant and where they come from. The most important information is certainly about the teams and the players. The form of the two teams has to be analyzed. How did the last matches go? What are the strengths of the teams? Are important regular or key players injured? In addition, things like the home advantage have to be taken into account. The importance of the game must also be built into the betting strategy: Is it, for example, a derby or a particularly prestigious match in which the players and fans are particularly passionate? Often a team has a favorite opponent against whom you almost always win. The direct comparison provides information on this in particular.

Also the mood in a team must not be neglected. In a team that has lost many games and is in the table cellar, the atmosphere can quickly turn upside down, for example. The players play then occasionally also times also against their coach. Not to be neglected are the external circumstances. A team that has to play a ghost game certainly has a big disadvantage without the support of its fans. Of course, bad weather conditions can also put a spoke in a team's wheel if it actually needs a quick place for its game and its strengths.

Conclusion: Football predictions - with practice you quickly become a betting champion

Creating best football predictions is an art that must be learned and practice requires. However, it is not impossible to make correct betting predictions. All you need is expertise, background information and good statistics and analysis for strategies. In addition, the forecast does not have to be tailored to every betting portal. 

A once functioning football strategy works for a Swiss sports betting bookmaker as well as for a Nigerian betting provider from our online betting provider test. Anyone who has ever entered the field will quickly win bets and reach their goal with numerous tips and tricks. Well-known bookmakers such as Bet9ja vip offer helpful combo prediction from Zulubet, SoccerVista and Statarea on their websites. 

There are also extensive statistics areas. They help to place live bets, combination bets or individual bets. With these and other numerous aids, nothing should stand in the way of a successful prediction. Then you can make predictions both for 3-way bets and for over/under bets, goal bets, half-time and final result bets, tips on the exact result or double chance bets. Finally, don't forget the odds. Because they give hints on the probability of winning. The lower the odds, the higher the probability of winning. 

A high odd, on the other hand, indicates a low probability of winning. In order to be able to react immediately to current sporting events and change the forecast if necessary, an app should be downloaded so that bets can be placed at any time using a mobile phone. In our online betting provider test you can quickly find out who has the best sports betting app. 

With all these hints on football predictions, don't forget that sports betting should be fun first and foremost. Of course, the fun increases when you make a profit with the football bets. But the goal of winning money should not be in the foreground. 

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