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France Ligue 1 Football Predictions

france ligue 1 league prediction

Paris Saint German won again last season and did it with a good difference of 13 points. An impressive squad in which players like Mbappé, Cavani, Neymar and veteran Buffon stand out, seem to give the impression that they are favourites to repeat. In the last six seasons they have won the title five times, failing only in 2017. The aspirants? Lyon, Monaco and Marseille will be attentive and ready to take advantage of the opportunity if the PSG does not perform as expected. Making football predictions of free Ligue 1 is more complicated than it might seem, because despite the dominance of Parisians in recent years, historically it is a competition with many different winners. In any case, what you want in bet9ja vip are our sure soccer predictions, so which one is your favourite to win the Ligue 1 2018/2019?

Ligue 1 prospects for today - Predictions on French football

At the top of this page you have the Ligue 1 forecasts for today published by our tipsters and experts. If, despite the fact that there are matches in the French soccer league, you do not see any predictions of the Ligue 1 for today, it may be that our tipsters think that it is not worth betting on these games. Keep in mind that in sports predictions, it is as important to know how to identify opportunities, as not to bet when the odds offered do not seem sufficient. Due to the large number of bet9ja vip tipsters, we find it strange that you find this page empty, but if it does happen be patient. At the end of the day if you are looking for Ligue 1 forecasts for today, it is because you want good analysis, and not that we give you a prediction just because.

If, as it is probable, when you arrive at our page you see several forecasts of the Ligue 1 free, we recommend that you do not launch to make bets imitating them without more insights. The aim of the forecasts is to help you in your own analysis, offering you the views of other users, but your own analysis should never be missing. On this page, we give you some tips to make better predictions.

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Tips for betting in Ligue 1

Making predictions of Ligue 1 may seem easier than it really is. For example, PSG is the big favourite and the teams that play at home have a great advantage, but in reality, PSG has only won 7 titles and home teams usually win less than 50% of the time. When you make bets, of course you should keep in mind the latest trends. If in the last decade the dominator has been the PSG, it is more relevant than the fact that it has not been throughout history, but we must also take into account the other data. Therefore, a bet on the local team less than 2.00 odds is usually not a good idea, unless it is very, very favourite. The draws and the victories visitors are distributed approximately more than 55% of the results. The goal average usually exceeds 2.5.

Keep in mind that regardless of whether you make free predictions of the Ligue 1, serie a, La liga or the Premier League, the odds you can win multiplied by the chances of you correcting the bet should give you a hope greater than 1 (for example, 80% chances of success, for an odd of 1.20 it would be 0.8x1.2 = 0.96 and it would not be worth it). When it comes to making free football predictions of Ligue 1, the difficult thing is to estimate these probabilities of success. After all, it will be your estimate and you can never be sure of them. But the more you bother to improve your ability to estimate them and the more objective your method is, the better results you can expect.

General information of Ligue 1

Also known as Le Championnat, the French league or Ligue 1 is one of the most important European football competitions. Founded in 1932, the French league acquired its current format in 2002 under the name of Ligue 1. And since then it has earned a good reputation as one of the competitions from which great young talents emerge who end up playing in one of the big teams of Europe, among which, by the way, the PSG has gained a gap with the check book. Everyone wants to be aware of who will be the new world star to leave the Ligue 1 and therefore, their games will be broadcast around the world including Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, the Middle East and a large proportion of African countries. The Ligue 1 is one of the top leagues in Europe, not in vain has a UEFA coefficient that places it as the 5th best country taking into account their combined clubs. It is only behind the Premier League, the Bundesliga and Serie A.

The Ligue 1 season runs from August to May, with a two-week break in winter for Christmas. 20 teams compete for the title by playing all against each other in a double match, once at home and once away, for a total of 38 games per team. The team that scores the most points in these 38 matches is the Ligue 1 champion and qualifies for the Champions League. The second-place finisher will also play the Champions League and the third-place finisher can do so if they get the pass in the qualifying stage of the Champions League. The team that remains fourth, earns the right to play the Europa League the following season. On the other hand, the two teams that finish in the 19th and 20th position will automatically descend to Ligue 2 and will be replaced by the teams that ascend.

Throughout its more than 80 years of history there have been only 18 clubs capable of winning the title of champion. Since 2005, that number has been reduced to seven. Of the seven successive titles of Lyon to the current impressive streak of Paris Saint-Germain, going through the first title in the history of Montpellier during the 2011/12 season, Ligue 1 has been shown as a spectacular championship in which they get great deeds. Saint-Etienne is the team with the most titles in the history of the league with 10, and Marseille follows with 9. Other teams with the prized champion honour are Nantes and Monaco, with 8, and Lyon and PSG with 7.

Since the Ligue 1 every time attracts the attention of more and more fans, it happens the same with the bets and predictions on their parties. In bet9ja vip, many tipsters publish their predictions about Ligue 1 matches every week.

Last 10 Ligue 1 champions



Top scorer




Edinson Cavani (28)




Edinson Cavani (35)




Zlatan Ibrahimovic (38)




Alexandre Lacazette (27)




Zlatan Ibrahimovic (26)




Zlatan Ibrahimovic (30)




Néné (21)




Olivier Giroud (21)




Moussa Sow (25)




Mamdou Niang (18)


Football Prediction/Forecast for France Ligue 1 2018/2019

ligue 1 football predictions

There are two types of users that come to this page, those who want to see france Ligue 1 forecasts for today from experts and those who want to join our sure VIP, although in reality, many of them want to do both. As you know, in bet9ja vip we have one of the best internet tipster’s communities and we got it thanks to the generosity of our users who supports us by visiting our prediction website on daily basis for free forecasts. To encourage them and receive something in return, we organize a forecaster contest with cash prizes. Thus, the true experts will receive the compensation they deserve.

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Ligue 1 statistics

To make predictions about the results of a football match, one of the basic factors is statistical information. Although it seems surprising, it is often difficult to find the classification of the different leagues and, therefore, we offer our users an easy way to find all kinds of data.

Bookies to bet on French Ligue 1

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Better odds of the Ligue 1

One of the success factors of making forecasts of the Ligue 1 is always opt for the bookmaker that offers higher odds. The truth is that it is not difficult, because although there are many betting houses, those that offer higher odds always tend to be themselves.