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Free Italy Serie A Soccer Predictions

italian serie a league prediction

If you are looking for free Serie A football predictions, just look at the top of this page, where you will see the most recent soccer predictions made about the next matches of the Italian first division. In addition, on this page we offer some interesting facts about Italian football and specifically, about Serie A 2018/2019.

Predictions of the Serie A for today - Predictions about the Italian soccer league

If you are looking for sure soccer predictions on Italian Serie A for today, you have probably already noticed that at the top of this page we publish the latest tips from our tipsters. If today there is a match in the Italian football league, it is very likely that here you will find forecasts of the Serie A for today. However, on rare occasions, it is possible that the tipsters consider that today's Serie A matches do not add value when it comes to betting. If so, we recommend not forcing things. Many times the success of a prognosis is not so much what you bet, but to decide well when to do it and when not.

Before making bets imitating the forecasts of the Serie A for today of our users, we recommend that you do your own analysis of the game and verify that you agree with the opinion of the tipster. Since you are going to risk your money, do it in something that seems like a good decision. More interesting is to click on the football prediction of the Serie A for today that calls your attention, as it will take you to the specific page for that forecast where you can also see specific tipster statistics in that sport and competition.

General information about Series A

The Italian league or Serie A began its journey in the season 1929-1930. The club that has won the title of Serie A champion most times is Juventus de Torino, with 32 official trophies, although in reality it won 34 since it lost 2 in the offices due to the scandal Calciopoli followed by AC Milan and the Inter Milan with 16 and 15 respectively.

Unlike the English Premier League and La liga, ligue 1, Serie A is a conservative competition, the truth is that local teams do not have it easy. In the last five years, all seasons have ended with less than 50% of local victories and in all of them the average goals in matches has been higher than 2.5. On the official website of the league , available in Italian and English, you can find a lot of information about it, including the calendar, the leader board, videos and much more.

As in the rest of the main leagues, for each match won, 3 points are won and 1 per tie. The tiebreaker methods are the goal difference and the number of goals scored. At the end of the competition the last three teams get relegated, the best two qualify for the Champions League and the third team for the Champions League preview. In addition, the fourth and fifth will play the Europa League.

In the case of the Italian league, it is important to take into account factors such as that the Italians have an especially competitive idiosyncrasy, so in the bets of the last days of the league you must take into account if the teams that are contending in the match of your choice they are playing something or not. If there is one of them that does not play anything, we do not recommend that you opt for them in your predictions of Serie A, although of course this does not mean that the team will not win. You also have to be alert to situations in which a draw is convenient for both teams. At the beginning, of course both will go out to win, but if as the game progresses the result is a draw, it is very possible that the score will not move anymore.

Last 10 champions of Serie A



Top scorer




Icardi (29) and Immobile (29)




D┼żeko (29)




Gonzalo Higuain (36)




Luca Toni (22)




Ciro Immobile (22)




Edinson Cavani (29)




Zlatan Ibrahimovic (28)




Antonio Di Natale (28)




Antonio Di Natale (29)




Zlatan Ibrahimovic (25)


Tips for Football Prediction of the Italian soccer league

serie a football predictions

If you want to make predictions about Serie A, it's probably better to base yourself on statistics instead of your personal sensations or even the latest news from the newspapers. Our experience tells us that the more objective a better analysis is and the personal tastes of the tipsters, they tend to play tricks on them even though they are not big fans of the teams in particular. For example, as likely as you think the home win is, considering that home teams win less than half the time, odds under 2.00 are likely to be worthless. Of course, this is not always true, it will depend on the situation and the match in particular, but it is worth having it in mind.

Forecasts on the goal line are also common. The most common is that in the forecasts of the Serie A, the tipsters opt for bets under 2.5 goals. It is usually a bet option that offers interesting odds close to par. However, there is a common mistake: look at the average goal. If you think about it, the goal average really does not tell you anything about the odds of a team scoring over or under 2.5 goals. If the team scores 5 goals in a game and two goals in the next three, they will have an average of 2.75 goals per game and yet a bet for more than 2.5 goals would have been a loss in 3 of the 4 occasions. Therefore, when you make your predictions about the Serie A, it is better that you look at the number of times they exceed the goal line you are analysing and not in the averages.

Therefore, betting on the Italian soccer league requires that you spend some time looking for the best options. The good thing is that thanks to the great follow-up that all the houses make of the Serie A, in each match you can choose from a multitude of bets. The most common are the so-called 1X2 bets that consist of choosing the winner of the match, the aforementioned under / over bets , in which you must predict if the match will end above or below the 2.5 goals and the spread betting. To get more information on how to bet on sports visit Bet9ja vip.

Prediction of a Series A Match

The Italian league may not be that star cast that was in the mid-90s, but it is still one of the best leagues in the world. Although it has been involved in match fixing scandals, the best Italian teams are still the second most awarded in European elite competitions. From the point of view of the bets, things get very interesting at the end of the season, in the cases in which the ties benefit both contenders and results are given with enough value for the betting players.

You already know that the bet9ja vip forecasting community competes every month for a prizes. The competition consists of sharing football predictions in the form of free bets and if you are among the first to join our vip, we give you a prize in real money.

Bookies to bet on the Italian league

To bet on the games of the Italian league we recommend bet9ja where in addition to the winner of the match, you can bet on a wide variety of options such as:

  • when the team moves forward wins the match or finally finishes drawing or losing,
  • the team that will receive the most yellow cards,
  • to the first goal scorer of the game, etc.

1xbet is a true classic in football betting. So if you're mainly a football fan, it's a bookie that has a lot to offer you.

Merrybet is another bookie with a high soccer component. They always offer all the matches of the main European leagues with more than 100 betting possibilities in each match. Their website is perhaps a bit more complicated than those of other bookies, but once you get used to it, it's worth trying them.

Series A statistics

If you want to get the best and most complete statistics on Serie A to make predictions or bets on their matches, we cannot stop recommending our powerful bet9ja vip. Select the party that interests you and focus on your analysis, without wasting time in fruitless searches.

Best Sure Series A odds

If you want to always be aware of the bookmakers licensed to operate in Nigeria that are offering the best odds for Serie A matches, we recommend that you visit our betting odds comparison table for bet9ja football matches. There you can select your favorite teams and competitions and follow the odds with total comfort, so that you can get the most out of your banker bets and forecasts of Serie A.