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Football Predictions of the Spanish League First Division (LA LIGA) for today

la liga spanish league prediction

In this page we help you to make predictions about the Spanish First Division League popularly known as La Liga. Find out about the predictions of the other tipsters, the odds and bookmakers they choose, the favorite teams to win the League and much more, by reading below.

General information to make predictions of La Liga of first division

If you want to make predictions in La Liga of the first division, please read this article carefully. The Santander League or Spanish First Division, was inaugurated in the season 1928-1929. It is one of the best soccer leagues in the world and, in fact, has been considered the best by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) on several occasions. The great dominator is Real Madrid with 33 titles, although in recent years it is FC Barcelona who imposes its law with 7 titles since 2009 to accumulate 25 championships in total. Historically, these two teams accumulate 66% of the titles, but if we stick to what is happening lately, the surprises are really strange. In the last century, only Deportivo, Valencia twice and Athletico Madrid, have managed to win on occasion.

The player who has played the most matches is Andoni Zubizarreta with 622 games, the most titles have been Francisco (Paco) Gento and the top scorer of the competition is the Argentine Lionel Messi. The management and organization of La Liga depends on the League Professional Soccer (LFP) which in turn is part of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) .

In addition to the history, it is convenient that you know some data before putting yourself to make predictions of La Liga for today. Because in specific matches, history has less influence than long-term bets such as which team will win the tournament. For example, maybe you do not know that normally the local team wins between 46 and 48% of the times depending a bit on the championship. Which means that when you make football bets for teams that are not very favorites, codes and odds are below 2.00 are usually not very interesting. 

As for the variants, in general it is usually more likely that the visiting team wins the match ends in a tie, which for example in the season that ended in 2018, occurred approximately only 23% of the time. With this percentage, the typical odds close to 3.

Favorites of the Spanish First Division League 2018/19

The previous season had a clearly favourable end to FC Barcelona and even the last classic of the season, held on day 36 was a bit decaffeinated because the teams did not play anything. But if it is about making predictions of the first division, the past does not matter as much as what is going to happen. 

Will Barcelona revalidate its title? It is clear that neither Real Madrid nor Atlético will want to make it easy for them. Do you already have your favourite for victory? Here we will update our predictions of La Liga of first division for the next season.

It is still early to offer concrete probabilities, so we leave the table pending updating.

Favorite to win the First Division: Barcelona

There is no doubt that if you are going to make predictions of La Liga first division, Barcelona should be considered the main favourite. Whatever happens in the transfer market, the Catalans have shown great solvency in recent years and cannot be ignored in any way.  

Favorite to win the First Division: Real Madrid

Something similar happens with Real Madrid. Regardless of which players arrive or leave, until proven otherwise on the pitch, the second favourite to win the Spanish First Division League must be considered.

Favorite to win the First Division: Atletico Madrid

As much by economic potential, as by its sport performance in the last years the Atletico de Madrid has gained to pulse the consideration of favorite. If you want to bet on a surprise in the 2018/2019 League, there is no doubt that Atletico is the team that offers the most guarantees.

Last 10 champions of the Spanish First Division



Top scorer



 Lionel Messi (34)


Real Madrid

Lionel Messi (37)



Luis Suarez (40)



Cristiano Ronaldo (48)


Atletico Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo (31)



Lionel Messi (46)


Real Madrid

Lionel Messi (50)



Cristiano Ronaldo (40)



Lionel Messi (34)



Diego Forlan (32)

Football Prediction operation for the Santander League

la-liga football predictions

Another issue you should know to assess the free League predictions that you can find in bet9ja vip, is the format and operation of the competition, to understand when teams play something important and when not.

In the First Division all the teams play twice with each other. At the end of the competition, the top three finishers will get the right to play the Champions League and the fourth will play the previous one to try to accompany them. If the team does not succeed, they will play the UEFA Europa League along with the fifth and sixth places. On the bottom, the descents to Spanish Second Division will correspond to the last three classified.

When you make predictions of the Santander League in the last days, keep in mind these things as there will be teams that play simply by completing the file, while others may be playing a European position, a title or a descent.

How To Make la liga predictions with strategy

To make la liga predictions, it is advisable to plan a strategy. The first thing you should know is when and when not to place your bet Fees that are too low, make the risk taken too high to obtain little benefit. In these cases, it is surely not worthwhile to simply bet on the winner of the match. A possible strategy is that you establish a minimum odd for your bets, so that if the match wager is lower do not bet on it. On the occasions when the odds are very low, but you still think they are a good opportunity, you can choose to bet with handicap or win or draw (1x or 2x). Also don't forget to check out for our sure premier league predictions

In any case, any experienced tipster knows how important it is to know how to identify opportunities and how to avoid betting when there are not any. If at any time you are not able to find anything that convinces you, maybe look at the forecasts of La Liga first division for free today at the top of this page can help you. However, do not follow them like crazy, after reading the predictions, analyse the game yourself and make your decision or you can apply for VIP, so everything is being care of by our experts.

Statistics of the Spanish First Division to bet

If you want a complete tool to bet on League matches knowing all the statistics, we cannot pass without recommending you to visit our free games section. In it you will find all the necessary data to make bets and forecasts to the winner, over and under 2.5, handicaps and much more.

Follow the bets of the best tipsters in Liga Santander

At bet9ja vip we are proud to bring together many of the best tipsters of La Liga. Another option to improve your bets is to plan your betting strategy based on what the best players do. Of course, you can also join the competition for free and share your knowledge while competing for prizes. Each month we distribute 10,000 Naira in cash for the best. In addition, it is an excellent way to keep an exhaustive record of your results, analyze your evolution and improve

 How to place bets in the Santander League of the First Division

If you are starting in the world of betting, you may be a little lost with all the options offered by the market. In bet9ja vip you have at your disposal the complete guide on bets of our Academy. In it you can find out how they work:

  • The handicaps and Asian handicaps , which is like betting giving a little help to a team to minimize the risk if it is the team you want to bet on or increase the profit if it is the team you want to bet on.
  • The multiple or combination bets , by you can join several parties to multiply odds. Although be careful because you will also be multiplying the risk.
  • Under / Over , that is, bet on if the number of goals will exceed a certain amount. Generally, 2.5 goals.

Also, especially if you're just starting, be sure to check out the free La Liga predictions for today that are at the top of this page, as they can give you good ideas.

Bookies in Nigeria to bet on the First Division League

Bet9ja: this bookie is strongly promoting its presence in Nigeria, so we are sure that it will improve even more its already good benefits. Of course it offers a wide variety of possibilities on the First Division, and the new users are given a welcome bonus of 100% of their first income of up to 5,000 Naira.

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Nairabet: this bookie stands out for its promotions and special offers. In the case of the First Division we will find a great diversity of bets with attractive odds. Do not hesitate to inform yourself completely about this bookie in our review about Nairabet.

More predictions about Spanish football

If you do not have enough with our free La Liga predictions for today, in bet9ja vip we offer you analysis on the other main competitions of Spanish football, such as the Second Division and the Copa del Rey, so you can always bet, based on a good information, in everything that has to do with football in our country Nigeria.