Just in case you missed the prices, check them below


There are three categories, one is exclusive to only Nigerians, the others are open to everyone

Simple plan

Daily bookings

3 odds (5 wins a week)


#5,000 (Nigerians)

One week (7 days subscription )

#15,000 (Nigerians)

One month (31 days subscription)

This category is for only Nigerians

Advanced plan

Expected bookings

Daily odds

3 odds (5 wins a week)

5 odds (4 wins a week)

Weekend odds

20 odds game, for friday Saturday and sunday

Game starts friday and ends sunday.

Price: 1 week duration

Nigerians #10,000

Europe €50

America $50

Ghana 200 ghc

Kenya 4000 ksh

Uganda 180,000 ugs

Tanzania 120,000 tzh

South Africa 750 rands

Cameroonians 25,000 cfa

Price: 1 month duration

Nigerians #30,000

Europe €150

America $150

Ghana 600 ghc

Kenya 12000 ksh

Uganda 540,000 ugs

Tanzania 360,000 tzh

South Africa 2000 rands

Cameroonians 75,000 cfa

Proffesional Plan

Expected bookings

Daily odds

1.50 - 2 odds (6 wins a week)

3 odds (5 wins a week)

5 odds (4 wins a week)

10 odds (4 wins a week)

5-10 odds on Tennis and Basketball

Weekend odds

20 odds game, for friday Saturday and sunday

One game to last from friday to sunday

30 odds game for friday, saturday and sunday

One game friday, one saturday & one sunday

Price: 1 week

#20,000 (Nigerians)

Europe €100

America $100

Ghana 400 ghc

Kenya 8000 ksh

Uganda 250,000 ugs

Tanzania 240,000 tzh

South Africa 1500 rands

Cameroonians 50,000 cfa

Price: 1 Month plan

#60,000 (Nigerians)

Europe €300

America $300

Ghana 1200 ghc

Kenya 20,000 ksh

Uganda 1,000,000 ugs

Tanzania 500,000 tzh

South Africa 3000 rands

Cameroonians 120,000 cfa

Payment Channels.


If you can pay directly into a Nigerian account, pay to the account given below

Bank name: Diamond bank

Account name: Enikrakeptha Oghenero Francis

Account number: 0044679586

Account type: Savings account.

After making payment, contact us to confirm your payment, this usually takes less than 10 mins, after wish you'll be able to login and get your games

Digital Currencies

We also accept payment through varity of other digital channels such as

Western union





Mobile Money

For payment details on any of the above kindly contact admin on ,+2348032961419, or through our mail, contact@bet9javip.com

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